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Metro Detroit’s Best First Aid Service Company

first aid bandage refill packFor over 60 years, thousands of customers have discovered metro Detroit’s best first aid supply company.  MFASCO (Michigan First Aid & Safety Company) has the largest inventory of first aid supplies in Michigan.  Our selection, service and prices are superior to none.  Do you have a first aid restocking service that manages your supplies?  We can cut your costs in half and offer superior first aid supplies compared to the others.

Look at the picture to the right.  We have products designed to be used for your first aid cabinet(s) at half the cost of the first aid service you currently have.  take a look at what we charge for a complete bandage refill for your cabinet here.  For well under $20 dollars, our refill pack has strips, knuckle, patch, finger and junior size cloth bandages packaged in a boxes that are perforated at the top, just like the services.

Metro Detroit First Aid Supplier

First Aid Supplies Near Metro Detroit

Metro Detroit First Aid SuppliesFor over 60 years, Michigan First Aid Company has been serving Metro Detroit businesses and organizations. If you are looking for first aid supplies for personal use or for your business, look no further. Because we are Metro Detroit’s largest wholesale first aid supply distributor, we have thousands of first aid products to restock your first aid cabinet or supply your first aid kit at home or office. We represent great brand names from manufacturers you can trust including Johnson & Johnson, 3M, Medique, Medi-First, WaterJel and many others. Search our website here for any items you like.

Over the years, Michigan First Aid Company has reached outside the state of Michigan and is known nationally as MFASCO Health & Safety Company. MFASCO is a trusted brand distributor and is superior to all other first aid companies because of the service and value we offer. If you are looking for superior first aid supplies for your business, organization or home, you can trust the brands that MFASCO has to offer. As always, please contact us if you can’t find the safety products or first aid supplies you need. We look forward to serving you.